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Reverse Auction

Save with our unique Reverse Auction Platform. The Reverse Auction Platform is designed to bring the right suppliers to our clients. It works by getting the suppliers to bid on each user’s energy needs by giving clients the opportunity to see which suppliers have the best offer.

Our reverse auction is different from regular auctions. What sets us apart from others is how we control the bidding process. In traditional auctions, bidders drive up prices. By contrast, bidding in our reverse auction drives prices down!

Our reverse auction system gives clients the choice of price, supplier and length of contract. We support our clients every step of the way, so they make the best energy decision for their business.

Energy Aggregation

Purchasing energy though Energy Aggregation is a powerful procurement solution for any size business. However, it gives small businesses the advantage of receiving the same low energy prices as large commercial customers.

Our Energy Aggregation process is simple and can lower energy costs. This no cost program gives small businesses an advantage as never before.

Click on the start button below and complete the short form. An executive will contact you. In a three minute call, your business can be added to the Aggregate Pool. When the pool comes up for auction, the winning bid will be announced. You walk a winner with a lower price!