Internet of things/AI

Introducing Locbit a Platform for Energy, Business, Risk Management

Driven by artificial intelligence the Locbit platform dramatically reduces energy costs by first reducing demand charges in real time. It also reduces consumption by cleverly shutting down or setting back systems when they are not needed. In addition to energy savings the platform provides Risk management and Business management capabilities.

  • The IOT platform utilizes AI and becomes smarter as real time data come in and the platform adjusts the usage of devices optimally.
  • Using Locbit is so efficient, that you could qualify for up to 75% of the platform install costs, through energy credits from your utility.
  • Locbit gives you the ability to connect & integrate all inhouse systems on one device agonistic platform.
  • The Locbit Platform is Open ADR2 certified to securely implement all Demand Response programs in North America.
  • Our risk management platform enables you to identify potential problems, limit property damage and respond to emergencies, in real time.


  • Our business automation software enables you to quickly identify inefficiencies, lower operational costs and improve performance.

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