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LED Lighting Conversions

Conserve energy

With the radical improvement of LED technology and the drastic decline of upgrade costs, NOW is the time to consider lighting upgrades for your business. There may be opportunities for you to improve lighting and save money even if you have already replaced your lighting within the last five years. Extraordinary paybacks have been realized on many projects some less than 2 years!


LED technology offers many advantages over incandescent/fluorescent lighting devices:

  • Significant reduction in maintenance cost. Long life of the LED fixtures (10+ years)
    compared to traditional metal halide or high pressure sodium fixtures means no more
    expensive bucket trucks for regular bulb changes.
  • Increased Energy efficient – Estimated energy efficiency of 80%-90% when compared to
    traditional lighting and conventional light bulbs.
  • Ecologically Friendly – LED lights are free of toxic chemicals and are 100% recyclable. Most
    conventional fluorescent lighting bulbs contain materials like mercury that are dangerous for
    the environment.
  • Shortest paybacks in areas where the lights have the longest hours of operation: Stairwells, parking garages, multi-shift operations, and high-rise apartment building common areas
  • Huge opportunities with parking lot lighting. LED provides improved security by increasing lighting levels and providing a more evenly distributed light. Parking lot lights can also be set to high-low settings where the light level increases when it detects motion.



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