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Energy Intelligence Software

Data is the key to savings
Energy Intelligence Software

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Energy Intelligence Software

For locations like commercial real estate, office buildings, college campuses, school districts, and hospitals, keeping the lights on, the temperature comfortable, and all systems up and running are all top priorities of the facilities team. But because energy spend is often one of the main operating expenses for  buildings, keeping energy costs under control is an increasingly important business imperative, particularly in industries where margins can be razor-thin and competition can be fierce. You can transform your energy use from ‘just another necessary expense’ into one that differentiates your organization from the competition by taking a data-driven approach that leverages energy intelligence software.

SBSI Energy Solutions helps customers to operate more efficiently:

  • Increase net asset value and net operating income by reducing operating expenses
  • Identify and prioritize opportunities to reduce energy waste across a portfolio of buildings through dashboards and analytics (e.g., finding no- and low-cost operational savings through smart start-up and energy coasting, or using night and weekend setback analytics to identify when buildings are operating off-schedule)
  • Comply with local energy efficiency regulations and use ENERGY STAR benchmarking
  • Collect and manage bill data across broad portfolios
  • Connect diverse stakeholders from finance to operations and sustainability with a common platform to make energy usage and spend visible throughout the organization